Basic details of the project

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Basic details of the project 
Map Charlemagne. Fractions are renamed. And redistributed on the map.
Cities and provinces have been renamed.
Basic details of the project
Buildings from the grand company.
Basic details of the project
The nomads of the Huns: their buildings, which in the grand company were in the horde, are now being built in the regions.
Basic details of the project
Portraits of generals from the grand-company. The exception is the Roman usurpers.
Basic details of the project
Units from the grand-company, vanilla.
Basic details of the project
Technology from the grand company.
In addition, changes in resources have been made. Removed resource "textiles".
Resources are activated for trade: gold and copper.
Created and activated in trade resources: slaves and silver.
Prices for all resources are increased.
In a region where there is a resource, it is immediately available and participates in trade.
There is no particular need to build a resource building.
The resource gives local bonuses.
Dependence of buildings on resources is strengthened.

Seasons have been added. Corrected the effects.
One year = 24 turns.
The beginning of the company is 451 years. N. E.
Basic details of the project
Eight (8) game factions: the Roman Empire, Huns, Visigoths, Franks, Jutes, Saxons, Angles, the Kingdom of Fens.