Important: what you need to know!

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Hiring system: +1 from each region; -1 because of the low order in the region; -1 because of illness; -1 because of winter or -2 bad winter; -1 if the destroyed main building.
Fines do not affect the fleet.

Federates: inaccessible in normal mode; +1 from the province if the season is good (except for winter); +N from some incidents.

1 year is equal to 24 turns.

Lengthening recruiting: all the best and best warriors are hired longer and longer in time (only for the player). So be careful with the upgrade.

Cavalry: +1 turns of recruiting (only for the player).

In siege battles, AI has bonuses. The capitulation of the city is now important.

However, the combat system: vanilla

Bonuses\penalties: their size depends on the level of complexity. Do not hesitate to play at a lower difficulty than you used to!

The balance is calculated on a game with vanilla units. It is advisable not to add others.