Company for the Huns

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0 Company for the Huns
Huns own only 2 regions, but they subordinated other peoples. Together they are a coalition of Huns.
And in the screenshot you see that this coalition punches its enemies like a wedge.
Company for the Huns
The main allies of the Huns have good buildings in their starting regions. This gives them the means and the garrison.
Company for the Huns
All the forces of the Huns and their main allies are thrown into the attack against the regions in Gaul.
But there they stumbled upon a grouping of the anti-Hun coalition. The battle is coming.
Company for the Huns
Attila has many sons. Three of them are already real warriors.
Company for the Huns 
Huns trade with neighbors. And they take tribute from subordinate factions.
Company for the Huns
Tribute is huge. It is the main source of income for the Huns.
Company for the Huns
But not everything is so simple in the relationship between the Huns and the tributaryes.
And between the tributaryes and other tributaryes.
Company for the Huns
Significant income comes from slaves.
Company for the Huns
Foot soldiers-nomads turned into soldiers of other nations.
The Archers are removed.
Two shock Huns cavalry replaced by shock Sarmatian.

Events, Legend, Challenges:

1. Everyone believes in the "Legend of the invincibility of the Huns".
But if only the Huns be defeated or even win the pyrrhic victory, this myth begins to crumble.
That is, to crumble pretty quickly. And it is very difficult to restore it.
And its collapse leads to severe fines for diplomacy. Which in turn can destroy the Hun coalition.

4. Incident "Cultural rejection"
... gives an eternal penalty for the presence of other religions in the region

6. Reinforcement for Rome: the respawn of the Byzantine armies

22. The dilemma "Request of subordinate leaders"

52. Reinforcement for Rome: the respawn of the Byzantine armies

53. Incident "Huns rule is failing!"
... in honor of the historical date of the death of Attila
... the Huns temporarily reduce control of power
... If Attila is alive, then he is killed by a script.

72. The dilemma "Request of subordinate leaders"

122. The dilemma "Request of subordinate leaders"