Company for Angles

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Company for Angles 
The Angles have allies: South-Saxons and West-Saxons.
The task is to make allies and East-Saxons.
And, ideally, jutes.
Company for Angles
Uneasy relations with Obodrites. We trade with him. But they are bellicose against us.
Company for Angles
Angles have a good location of the capital - coastal. This gives them advantages in trading.
For the number of trade agreements can be increased significantly. Up to the trade with Rome.
However, the starting regions are poorly developed. This is the result of the depopulation of the Angles because of their massive exodus to Britain.
Company for Angles
Another group of Angles off the coast of Britain.
Company for Angles
Are an excellent opportunity to conclude more diplomatically profitable marriages.
Company for Angles
Leader and commanders have their own face.
The Angles collided with the influence of Slavic paganism.
Company for Angles
Angles are encouraged by the idea of emigration. They found a cozy corner in Britain and want to create a new homeland there.
Historical fact - angles completely left the mainland. That's why they have the ability to "leave their cities."

Three incidents related to this particular story:
2. Incident. Angles are encouraged by the idea of resettlement.
5. Incident. One of the controlled regions of Britain receives the "Great Migration of Nations" event. Which makes profitable expansion into Britain. The incident will work if, by 5, you capture a town in Britain.
8. Incident. Depopulation in the capital. The capital receives an event with fines that show that the Angles are leaving the mainland. In this regard, over time, the player will not will, but will have to reflect on how to quit his old homeland.