Company for Jutes

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0 Company for Jutes
Legend: for several years already, the Jutes have settled in Britain.
Initially they were invited by the Supreme King of Britons Vortigerne as mercenaries.
And Jutes even concluded a diplomatic marriage, giving a young beauty for the old king of the Bretons.
However, they did not have an eternal friendship: jutes, born robbers, began to plot.
At first, they began to rob, and then they invited the Breton nobility to dinner at all and cut off all perfidiously.
Thus ended the love between the North German robbers and Britons.
Company for Jutes
At home, bellicose jutes are bored.
Company for Jutes
But in Britain they found their usual occupation - rob and burn.
Company for Jutes
Bright historical characters: the brothers Horsa and Hengist.
Do not forget the heir to do Hengist.
Company for Jutes
Jutes has no allies. Some Britons trade with jutes.
Company for Jutes
On this a great story will break out.

The jutes has three incidents.
For the brothers Horsoy and Hengistom from the mainland, other compatriots were also drawn. In search of adventures! They are such Adventurers, these jutes.
At 2, 24 and 58 turns the region in Britain will receive a bonus for "reinforcement" in the form of: +2 points of recruiting.
And each time there will be an increasingly longer period. Between incidents pause of 10 turns.